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Brass Or Copper Nameplates
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Etched Metal Company

Brass & Copper Nameplates
MIL-I-45208 | UL Authorized Label Supplier

Brass & Copper Nameplates from Etched Metal Company add unique elegance through custom designs. 

Brass & Copper Product/Service Summary

Brass, Muntz Metal and Copper offer a traditional, decorative, elegant appearance to your tag, label, and name plate. It is used mostly in cosmetic application such as furniture tags, trophy name plates, retail product tags & labels, commemorative placards, decorative signs and wall plates. This material should be coated or sealed to prevent oxidation on the surface. On the flipside, replicating old tags and nameplate from used motors, pumps and equipment are common. These materials can be chemically etched, screened printed and engraved.

Chemical Etching

Chemical etching of brass or copper offers a permanent copy or image into the metal. Controlled acids are used to dissolve the metal in desired areas and shapes. Chemical etching removes multi-layer of material in depths of .003” -.008” to show the desired copy or shapes. Once the layers have been removed, the next process is to determine a cosmetic look to the alloy. A natural look called “NO FILL” gives a contrast of the metal. If your objective is to color fill the copy, we offer a wide array of colors to support your graphic presentation. We can add protective coatings or films to protect the surface from oxidation, scratches, solvents, and environmental elements.

Screen Printing

Screen printing of brass or copper offers a dependable process with wide array of colors to support your graphic presentation. The surface is prepared by removing imperfection in the material so that your image or information can be printed on the surface of the metal. A protective coating is applied to protect the surface from oxidation, scratches, and environmental elements. In some application, digital printing can be offered as an alternative.

Best Use

Brass and Copper add an elegant appearance to nameplates, plaque or tags. These items can be found on plaques, trophies, awards, stadium and area seat tags, dedication pictured framed images, memorial items. We often replicate a tag or nameplate from old motors, pumps, automobile tags.

Materials available:

Brass and Copper is offered in serval tempers and compositions. Brass & Muntz Metal are available in C260 / C280 series sheet stock. Composition will vary between the amount of copper and zinc. The tempers available in brass are soft, ¼ hard and ½ hard. This is cartridge yellow brass. Material thicknesses offered: .016”-.125” (Inches).Copper is available in C110 series sheet stock. Composition is 99.9% pure copper. The tempers available are O60-soft/annealed, H02-½ hard, H04-hard. Copper is generally reddish brown in appearance. Material thicknesses offered: .020” – .187” (Inches)

Order quantities:

No minimum order quantity!! Whether it is one piece or tens of thousands of pieces, we will produce your part, tag, label, or name plate with the highest quality with the latest capabilities offered at Etched Metal Company.

Production Time/Shipment Methods:

Lead Time is 24 – 32 working day from receipt of order. We will work with customers on specified deadline and expedited orders requirements. All orders are FOB Solon, Ohio 44139.

Etched Metal has proven to be a wonderful supplier, time and time again. I’ve issued countless requests, varying levels of urgency, and the requests are always met with earnest attention and top-notch service. Every single time.Their level of genuine commitment and service are unmatched, always appreciated and unwavering. Etched Metal is exactly who you want to do business with.
Illinois Manufacturer


Scott -Thank you for another year of on time and correctly made labels
Manufacturing Compnay


For the past twenty years all of my amps have been graced with front and rear panels designed and created by Etched Metals.Their Quality is first rate, Lead times are short, and their Pricing is VERY reasonable.I get all my panels and labels from Etched Metal exclusively, I don’t even look anywhere else.
Musical Equipment Manufacturer


Etched Metal has been a reliable supplier of ours for many years, and have received numerous supplier scorecard awards from us for their consistent on time-delivery and excellent quality.
Commodity Manager

We’ve been using Etched Metal for the last 11 years+ and no matter what the scope of the job, they’ve always come through for me even under tight deadlines. Consistently top quality product and service! They are THE ONLY company I use for the face and back plates for my hand made amplifiers!
Amplifier Manufacturer


Our company has been doing business with Etched Metal for over 20 years. We only have positive things to say about Etched Metal. Customer service, on time delivery, and quality are outstanding!!
Ohio Purchasing Agent

Pete, Etched Metal Company is a great company to work with.You and your staff always jump through hoops to make our deliveries it happen.
Commercial Motors Manufacturer

Senior Buyer

Pete, Etched Metal delivers on time, quality product all with excellent customer service.What more could you ask for?
International Manufacturer

Senior Buyer

We have been doing business with Etched Metal for almost 20 years. They are easy to work with and help with design and development of new overlays, labels and control panels. They have not delivered late since we began tracking this metric in 2008.They are flexible in their ability to manufacture small, custom labels up to large fabricated and etched control panels. Their quality is excellent and we have not had any rejects or rework as a result of poor quality.We have been very happy with their service, quality and helpful staff
Instrumentation Panels


Pete, Etched Metal Company is a great company to work with.You and your staff always jump through hoops to make our deliveries it happen.
Systems Manufacturer

Senior Buyer

We have been getting all types of tags from Etched Metal for several years.At least 12 which is as long as I have been the buyer for this commodity.Etched Metal has always been very responsive to our needs even when needed in shorter than quoted lead times.Etched Metal has always been good to work with and very responsive to any and all inquiries. They return quotes promptly and address any issues that may arise in a very timely and professional manner.They are easy and a pleasure to work with from quoting to invoicing.
International Corporation

Senior Buyer

Etched Metal Company in Solon is a good business partner.Many of our custom manufactured products are time sensitive,labeling is one of the last processes prior to shipment. Etched Metal has responded to our urgent needs with high quality and quick services.From large to small production runs, tough adhesion applications, product branding,and newer cost efficient technologies.Etched Metal Company continues to add value as a supplier.
Ohio Manufacturer with Multiple Locations

Senior Buyer

Our company and Etched Metal Company have been partnering for years. They have the proven ability to manufacture defect free metal components from design to product realization. Their team of professionals work in conjunction with customers to provide proof of concept samples and on-time delivery to meet the ultimate customer’s requirements.
Systems Manufacturer

Senior Buyer

Providing unrivaled customer service since 1928

Our expert Account Representatives assist you through the duration of your order–from initial design specifications through shipping and delivery.

We deliver prompt, no-charge accurate estimates and offer time and money-saving suggestions when needed. Our goal is not to just make a sale, but to build a long-term relationship with our clients.

Etched Metal’s production systems allow us to keep a watchful eye on your nameplate project, making sure we deliver on the date you expect.

We understand that market conditions often affect the availability of materials needed, and we alert you to any issues that may arise.

Lastly, you are always welcome to call or email your Account Representative if you need to make revisions to your specifications or delivery requirements.

We specialize in meeting your production demands with on-time deliveries!

Like to see samples of our work? Give us a call or email us and we’ll send out a sample kit for your review. As a direct manufacturer, brokers always welcome!

Etched Metal Company is located at:
30200 Solon Industrial Parkway
Solon, OH 44139
FAX 440-248-3556

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