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Brass Nameplates - Elegant and Durable


Brass gives off an elegant, classic finish and has one quality you don’t get with other metals; it can weather naturally or can be protected by a clear coat. Brass is a corrosion resistant material but it is susceptible to oxidation which is why two old brass plates may not look alike. We can stop the oxidation process by adding a lacquer top coat or you may want it to age and have that weathered look. Brass resists corrosion by salt water making it an ideal nameplate for marine applications. 

Best Usage

Etched Metal Company produces precision brass nameplates made of the finest quality brass. Brass has endured as material that implies last quality and longevity.

Best Usage for Brass Nameplates
A brass name plate complements a product that either is made of brass or having a design accent in brass. Brass often is an alternative to aluminum and some customers use brass on the edges of an aluminum nameplate when a silver edge would not be the desired effect.

Brass is highly suited for harsh indoor or outdoor environments and works well for signs or specialty products. 

Designing Your Brass Nameplate
Brass nameplates can be bar coded, die cut, engraved, laminated, screen printed, and serialized. 

Production Consultation

Typically, graphics with fine lines do not work well with brass. Consult with your Etched Metal specialist or send us a copy of your design for a production estimate.

We can produce brass nameplates with adhesive backings for industrial, commercial or specialty items.

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