Etched Metal Company
Solon, OH 44139

MIL-I-45208 | UL Authorizied Label Supplier


Instrument Panels and Overlays

Panels may be as small as a few square inches up to our standard maximum size of 60" by 28", with additional engineering charges for larger panels. Costs are based on materials including studs and weldments, overall size, quantity, number of colors and transparencies, holes, notches, rectangles, machining, tapping, and forming (metal-working) and surface treatment with both front and rear chromate conversion-coated, painted or anodized.

Experience and Craftsmanship

Etched Metal Company, one of the oldest nameplate manufacturers in the United States, was one of the first to provide one piece control panels and has been producing them for more than 40 years, constantly improving and up-grading equipment and skills. We furnish a flawless, attractive panel to the customer's specifications, within tolerances and ON TIME.

Broad range of capabilities

In addition to aluminimum, stainless and cold rolled steel panels, we furnish laminates of plastic and metal which allow transparent, semi-transparent and opaque ("deadfront" visible only when lit from behind) "windows" for mounting LED's gauges and dials behind the plastic, with switches, joysticks, slides and other controls mounted directly to the heavy metal backing plates.

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