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Domed Labels

Durable Construction and Designed to Draw Attention

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Etched Metal Company is your one stop shop for all your Plastic Identification Needs!!

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New Year New Orders! 10% off First Orders

Companies have their limitations but Etched Metal Company wants to be your one stop shop for all your product identification needs. Etched Metal Company uses a variety of processes and materials to get you what you need when you need it.  

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Thanks for a Successful 2018

Etched Metal Company would like to say thank you to our proud customers.

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Promote your Business With 6" Scales

Promote your Business with your Custom Pocket Ruler Scale

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Fall into Savings

New Customers get 10% off your first order with Etched Metal Company!!!

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What is Chemical Etching?

The chemical etching process is a tightly controlled subtractive manufacturing process that utilizes corrosive chemicals, known as etchants, to dissolve away unwanted portions of metal. When performed correctly, chemical etching is capable of producing highly complex, thin metal parts with very fine details and tight tolerances

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Engraving Alternatives

Let's discuss the options for engraving you might want to know about. 

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Product Identification Needs.

Look no further other than The Etched Metal Company for all your product identification needs.  From metals to plastics we can handle it all.

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Digtial Printing on Plastic

Etched Metal Company manufactures not only just metal but plastic too for nameplates, labels, and tags.  Some examples of plastics we use are Acrylic, Polyester, Polycarboante, Lexan, and Vinyl.  A unique way of digitally printing on plastic is a technique called sub-surface printing which prints behind the plastic to protect the ink from scratching or from different environmental factors.  Here are 5 you may not know about printing on plastic.   


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Etched Metal Co. is America's most trusted manufacturer of nameplates, decals/overlays, specialty items, banners and signage. Our superb customer service reflects our commitment to quality and on time delivery since 1928. 


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