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Etched Metal Co. is America's most trusted manufacturer of nameplates, decals/overlays, specialty items, banners and signage. Our superb customer service reflects our commitment to quality and on time delivery since 1928. 

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Thanks for a Successful 2017

The holiday season is whizzing by in its usual rapid-fire fashion, so we just wanted to slow down a bit and remember to say thank you to all our wonderful and loyal clients!

Without your support, we couldn't continue to bring our quality nameplates and related products to companies throughout the United States and Western Hemisphere. 

Please Call or Email Pete Joyce with your new ideas for 2018. 

All NEW parts will be given a 10% discount up until February.

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Promote your Business With 6" Scales

Etched Metal Company has been using our 6" pocket ruler with scale as a promotional giveaway at trade shows and sales presentations for decades.  We have found that this is one of the most successful marketing tool giveaways no matter what business you are geared towards.  Equip your sales staff with your own custom etched pocket ruler with scales today. 

On our website if you click on the STORE tab you will see the options and prices we can offer you using a high grade spring stainless steel.

Etched Metal looks forward to hearing from you at 440-248-0240 or email

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Fall into Savings

With Fall now here we are running a New Customer promotion until the end of the year.   All first orders get 10% off until the end of 2017.    We are manufacturing a lot of new plastic parts through our shop, so be sure to browse the website to see our capabilities.  

Etched Metal has invested in new equipment for faster delivery and lower pricing.  Please call today to get a quote with a quick turnaround time for your needs.

Call Pete Joyce at 440-248-0240 for more information.
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What is Chemical Etching?

The chemical etching process is a tightly controlled subtractive manufacturing process that utilizes corrosive chemicals, known as etchants, to dissolve away unwanted portions of metal. When performed correctly, chemical etching is capable of producing highly complex, thin metal parts with very fine details and tight tolerances.

The chemical etching process begins by first thoroughly cleaning the metal to be etched, to ensure it is free of contaminants and debris. Metal is often cleaned with a degreaser to ensure it is free of oils and residue, rinsed, and then cleaned a second time with an acid wash to ensure the surface is free of any foreign contaminants. Finally, the metal is dried and inspected for cleanliness.

The next step in the chemical etching process is to laminate the freshly cleaned metal on both sides with a UV sensitive resist. In most metal etching, a negative photoresist is used, which polymerizes when exposed to ultraviolet light and protects the metal underneath against etching. To achieve the desired metal part, only certain portions of the resist are exposed to ultraviolet light, allowing the unexposed portions to be dissolved away.

After applying the resist, the next step in the chemical etching process is to position a phototool on each side of the coated metal sheet. The phototool consists of two pieces of special film that are printed with a negative image of the desired metal part and carefully applied to both sides of the metal to be etched. Those areas of metal to be etched away are printed black, preventing the areas underneath from being exposed, and those areas of metal that will form the desired part are clear, allowing ultraviolet light to penetrate and polymerize the resist beneath.

Next, the metal is exposed to carefully controlled ultraviolet light, which allows the selective hardening of the metal beneath the clear areas of the applied phototool. After the metal is sheet is developed, the unexposed areas of photoresist are washed away, leaving behind portions of unprotected metal.

Finally, the metal sheet undergoes the etching part of the chemical etching process, and is sprayed on both sides with a temperature controlled acidic etchant. The etchant dissolves away the unprotected portions of metal that were not exposed to ultraviolet light, leaving behind the desired metal part.

The last step of the chemical etching process is to run the etched metal through an alkaline wash and strip the remaining polymerized photoresist from the protected metal.
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